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LiftingXperts is your partner for engineering and manufacturing solutions to lift or lash your products.

  • Be Safe be Orange

  • Made in Holland

  • Innovation and Technical Know-how 

  • > 30 Years experience

  • We are not your supplier but your partner 

Be Safe be Orange

All our products are tested on our in-house testing facilities up to 85 Ton.

All the liftinggear we develop and manufacture are according the latest standards. 

Each item has his own user manual and test certificate.

Every item we deliver is 100% tested.

Made in Holland 

Lifting is mostly tough work. During lifting and transportation our products are under enormous tension and pressure.

That is why you can expect to get tough quality.

LiftingXperts guarantees a high performance and a long operational life. 

Our product meet all standards and requirements like: European Norm NEN 13155, American Norm ASME B30.20-2021, Australian Norm 4991 and European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC. 


We are not your supplier but your partner

When you need lifting gear, you usually need it today or even yesterday. Lifting projects cannot wait and we understand this. LiftingXperts guarantees fast and flexible delivery of lifting products. 

LiftingXperts offers specific technical, sales and or instruction trainings upon request and given where needed for our partners.

Innovation and Technical Know-how 

Continuously changing lifting demands challenge us to keep on innovating. 

We can help you with almost every special lifting product / solution.

We have ISO 9001 and 14001 - 2015 and our engineering is equipped with state of the art digital tools on a constant high quality level. Technical know-how is on the highest level according to the latest industry standards and demands.

Step 1

Client request

Step 2

Enginereering proposal

Step 3

Design approval

Step 4


Step 5


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